Oral History Interviews

Oral history interviews can take many forms, but at their core they are about creating an opportunity for the narrator to share their  personal stories.  These interviews provide a unique opportunity for reflection that we rarely get in our day to day lives. 


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Myeloma Voices: Patient & caregiver stories

For the past several years I have been collaborating with the International Myeloma Foundation to record the stories of patients and caregivers.  The stories are posted on their website so newly diagnosed patients can hear the stories of those who have been living with the disease and draw from their collective experiences and wisdom. 

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Couple's stories

Blaine and Regina reflect on the role humor plays in their relationship.

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Life stories

During one of his life history interview sessions, Bob reminisces on his grandparents and what it felt like to be Grandfather alongside his grandfather.

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Birth stories

On the eve of their second baby's birth, Jen & Tim reflect on their first daughter's bumpy entry into the world.